Thank you for attending our Valentine’s Day Party

A big thank you to all who attended our Saint Valentine Charity Dinner Party!

(Click here to see the PHOTOS).

Wedding Pro wedding ministers and celebrants and the Kamogawa Church raised 183,000yen for the NPO Hojin Mirai.

We all enjoyed together, a wonderful buffet dinner at the French restaurant, Epice in Kyoto, prepared by Master Ijiri-san and his fine staff.

In addition to an excellent meal and plenty of fine wine, Michael and Raul entertained everyone with their guitar playing and singing, while Michael also performed magic tricks, and the rest of the guys sang their hearts out for several songs, including Stand By Me and Amazing Grace.

The evening was filled with lots of music and laughter.

Finally a hand-made special Valentine’s Day chocolate cake was decorated by the kids and NPO Hojin and devoured in minutes!

We appreciate all your time and effort to support the NPO Hojin and we treasure all the special memories shared together.

Here is the program of the party:

1. Greetings and thanks by Daniel (with Raul translating into Japanese).
2. Explanation of the ancient history of Saint Valentine and the relatively
modern history of Saint Valentine’s Day by Daniel (with Raul translating
into Japanese).
3. Introduction of the NPO Hojin Mirai and thank you for assistance by the
founder, Mr.Inoue (with Raul and Daniel translating into Japanese).
4. Grace by Curtis (with Raul translating into Japanese).
5. Toast and Kanpai by Bryan.
6. Dinner party.
7. Table magic by Michael.
8. Musical entertainment: guitar music played by Michael and present songs,
Stand By Me and Amazing Grace, sung by the Wedding Pro ministers
9. Cake decorating by Megumi-chan, Emma-chan, and the NPO Hojin’s Midori-san
and Inoue-san.
10. Presenting of donation to NPO HOJIN and memorial photo.
11. Musical entertainment: guitar playing and singing by Raul.

Here is a thank you letter from the NPO HOJIN MIRAI:

Dear Daniel,

Thank so much for yesterday’s Valentine’s Day party. And thank you so much for everyone’s kind and generous donations to the NPO Hojin Mirai. This money we will use to support sick and abandoned dogs.

By the way, your friends who joined the party are such good guys. They are so outgoing and friendly. Thanks to you all, we have to come to really like foreigners.







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